About us

MolenGeek, the digital ecosystem in the heart of Brussels

Our concept:

MolenGeek’s mission is to make digital technology accessible by raising awareness of the world of entrepreneurship. The goal is to provide an opportunity for employment, business creation, or career building to anyone, of any age, gender, or location, based on motivation and without prerequisites or certification.

For this, MolenGeek proposes 3 poles that contribute to this rise:

  • Diverse, varied and specialized training
  • A coworking space with support and coaching sessions
  • Events to stay on top of things and to challenge candidates.

Thus,  the future actors of the digital world will be able to create, develop and test their own project but also integrate others.

MolenGeek is an extraordinary story:

MolenGeek was born in May 2015 during the first edition of its ‘Startup Weekend’ in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean. The goal is to gather a team for 54 hours to create a tech start-up from scratch. At that time, MolenGeek’s only goal was to organize events to help local youth deal with discrimination in applications.

The project quickly met with success, especially with Alexander De Croo, and the technological world such as Dell, Microsoft, Innoviris or Google also began to show interest in MolenGeek.

The initiative is developing in the heart of Molenbeek. Right from the start, MolenGeek breaks the codes of classical teaching and differentiates itself by its pedagogy which favors mutual help, collective intelligence, autonomy and practice.

In 2016, faced with the success encountered, Ibrahim Ouassari officially launched the MolenGeek incubator with Julie Foulon. Both entrepreneurs passionate about new technologies, they want to make the world of entrepreneurship accessible to all.

But MolenGeek does not stop at project initiatives.

In 2017, it was the official launch of the free coding school: The Coding School. This program, in partnership with Google, Samsung, ULB and Brussels Education is open to job seekers between 18 and 25 years old. The Coding School has a particular pedagogical system because the passion of the students is put forward. They take on a project, often as a team, which they must complete.

To learn more about The Coding School > https://molengeek.com/formation-developpeur-web/

In November 2017, Samsung Electronics decided to recognize, with the Samsung Global Citizenship Award, MolenGeek in the “Partnership” category for the work done together to make new technologies accessible to all.

MolenGeek is always looking ahead!

In 2017, Team MolenGeek traveled to the United States for an economic mission. On this trip, MolenGeek visits Silicon Valley, Google, Facebook and the Techcrunch Disrupt trade show.

But not only! The entire MolenGeek team, together with Alexander De Croo, were able to showcase their technology incubator at a conference on digital innovation during the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

MolenGeek continues to grow. After the Coding School, it is the turn of the Marketing Lab to make its entry and with it, other shorter trainings, the ICT trainings.

Learn more about The Marketing Lab > https://molengeek.com/formation-marketing-digital/

Learn more about ICT training > https://molengeek.com/formations-digitales-courtes/

This expansion does not go unnoticed. Many personalities, all interested and curious about MolenGeek, do not hesitate to show their support: King Philippe, Emmanuel Macron, Alexander De Croo, Andrus Ansip, Jacqueline Fuller or Sundar Pichai to name but a few.

MolenGeek is constantly evolving and adapting to the regular development of technologies. The digital sector is booming and MolenGeek has succeeded in riding the same wave and joining forces with the biggest names in this field: Google, Proximus, Facebook, Samsung or AWS have quickly become essential partners.

MolenGeek is also beyond Molenbeek

MolenGeek’s atypical model is being exported beyond the city where it was born. From Padua in Italy, Amsterdam in the Netherlands but also Antwerp and Charleroi, the incubator is a great success!

MolenGeek is also exceptional coaches

It is with experienced coaches that the students evolve on a daily basis and draw on their know-how to prepare themselves as much as possible for the reality of the field.

Nothing is more effective than getting your hands dirty, which is why practical workshops are preferred. Doing, undoing and redoing is the key to the success of internal education.

MolenGeek is about ambitious training

A pillar of MolenGeek, the Coding School is there to train in computer coding. Thanks to an active pedagogy based on real scenarios and the possibility of directly putting into practice the theory studied, coding will no longer hold any secrets for the trainee!
Thanks to the training in digital marketing, it is possible to create websites, film and edit video, establish marketing, sales and digital strategies, social networks, SEO, copywriting … nothing about digital marketing will be a secret for the trainee.
What happens when you mix post-coding and marketing? We get the Webmaster 360! The management of the website is not limited to its configuration. There is a whole ecosystem behind that mixes the creation of content, traffic management, control of advertising … The training is an opportunity to excel in the elements of the web and browse a wide panorama of what can offer the digital world with its center the website.
In 3 months, the AWS re/Start training allows you to gain the technical skills necessary for a junior position in Cloud management. AWS offers a technology that enables many possibilities such as enterprise data management. The goal is to learn how to network, distribute content or use these development tools for a company, whether for its mobile services or its applications.
MolenGeek also offers small training sessions of a few days in order to boost your resume! Photoshop, WordPress, Adobe Pro, Social Networks, Google Analytics, HTML … all these tools so coveted by employers will have no secrets for the trainee!

MolenGeek is also and especially you!

MolenGeek would not be the incubator it is today without the talent that has passed through its walls. So don’t hesitate to contact us at info@molengeek.com or come to MolenGeek:

10 place de la Minoterie, 1080 – Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

Phone: 02 / 880 99 50