WebMaster 360

Create your own websites like a pro

You want to create a website to launch your project? You don’t know anything about digital marketing and even less about website creation? The management of the website is not limited to its configuration. There is a whole ecosystem behind that mixes content creation, traffic management, advertising management, SEO, domain name creation, web hosting …

This is how the WebMaster 360 was born! The opportunity to excel in the field of the web and to discover what can offer you the world of digital with in its center the website.

The best way to discover how to put forward your image, the image of your project through your website to make it a responsive and attractive commercial showcase and develop your business of tomorrow.

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📆 Registration required at the info session on 03/09

⏳ Duration of the training: 6 months – from October to March

🕑 Schedule: Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm

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05/10/21 (09h00) 15/10/21 (09h00)

Why our Webmaster 360 training?

This training will open the doors to a large number of employment opportunities. In a society where digital technology has an increasingly dominant place, this training will help you to

  • work in a company,
  • realize your project from A to Z
  • or offer your services to clients.

You will be able to learn the basics of web development thanks to WordPress, which will allow you to create powerful and attractive sites, all enriched with personalized content. The referencing will have no secret for you and you will increase your impact on the networks and the web with notions in Digital Marketing.

Why choose MolenGeek?


An active pedagogy: it is based on real scenarios and the possibility to directly put into practice the theory studied.


Thanks to the training, you will be able to claim functions of Webmaster in a Web agency, to create professional sites.


Here you will learn the basics of online business. How to build a viable business model, what marketing strategy to adopt, content management, how to find your first customers.


Eventually, you will be able to sell your own websites.

It’s an extra skill to add to your resume. And if you feel like an entrepreneur, why not put this skill to work for your project?
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📆 Registration required at the info session on 03/09

⏳ Duration of the training: 6 months – from October to March

🕑 Schedule: Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm

The program





Google Analytics

Adobe Xd


Digital Marketing



"This course is ideal if you want to make your own project a reality!"

For whom?

Practical information

Duration: 6 months

Schedule: from 9am to 5pm with a 1 hour break at noon.

Place: MolenGeek, Place de la Minoterie 10,

1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

Next training

📆 Registration required at the info session on 03/09

⏳ Duration of the training: 6 months – from October to March

🕑 Schedule: Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm


The training offers you the opportunity to boost your career and retrain for a future profession. Don’t delay, become the most sought-after profile on the job market.

If you are registered with Actiris, the training is free.

Inscrivez-vous aux séances d’information ou envoyez un courriel à info@molengeek.com pour obtenir plus d’informations sur les modalités d’inscription.

Webmasters are highly sought after profiles within companies, for the creation and maintenance of websites.

No prerequisites are required for the Webmaster course. This training is accessible to everyone, as long as you are registered as a job seeker and reside in Brussels.

For the training, it is better to have your own computer so that you can leave with all the software installed and the right configuration. If needed, computers will be lent to you.

The training is intended for job seekers registered with Actiris.

Once the training has begun, registration is no longer possible. Please check our calendar for training dates.

When you register for training, your unemployment benefits are frozen (i.e. you receive what you were receiving at the time of registration and there is no degression on the amount). In addition, you are exempt from the job search. For more information on this subject, please consult your Actiris advisor.

MolenGeek has several trainings that vary between 3 and 6 months.

AWS re/Start : Thanks to AWS, in only 3 months, gain the technical skills needed for a junior position in Cloud management

Digital Marketing : Thanks to the digital marketing training, you will be able to create websites, film and edit videos, establish marketing, commercial and digital strategies… in only 6 months ! https://molengeek.com/formation-marketing-digital/

Webmaster 360 : In 6 months, it is the opportunity to excel the elements of the web and to go through a wide panorama of what can offer you the digital world with in its center the website : https://molengeek.com/webmaster-360/

Do not hesitate to consult our page dedicated to long term training: https://molengeek.com/formations-

Our short courses vary from 4 days to 3 months.

Adobe Photoshop : Learn how to edit images or photos : https://molengeek.com/formation-photoshop-debutant/

Adobe Premier Pro: Video editing will no longer hold any secrets for you: https://molengeek.com/formation-premiere-pro/

WordPress : Learn how to manage a platform and create content : https://molengeek.com/formation-wordpress-debutant/

Social networks: surfing the networks and mastering them are not the same thing:

MolenGeek offers you a wide range of choices. Do not hesitate to consult our page: https://molengeek.com/formations-courtes/

The webmaster training is intended for job seekers registered with Actiris.