Digital Short Courses

Participate in one of our digital short courses to develop your skills

Are you a freelancer or entrepreneur? You are just out of school and want to continue your education with our short digital courses?

At Molengeek, take advantage of our short and free training courses thanks to Actiris’ Tic vouchers! Didn’t you know that? As a job seeker, you are entitled to a certain amount of money to put towards training!

Cours de formation digitale courte élèves en classe

Discover our short digital training packages

We have compiled for you our best short courses in the form of a pack. This way, you are sure to choose coherent training courses that are sure to boost your career.

Sign up for our digital short courses?


Conseillé actiris en entretien avec un candidat

Contact your advisor and make an individual appointment so that he or she can guide you.

Registration is done through Actiris.

A question about your registration? Contact Actiris at 0800 35 123 from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm


Présentation séance d'info Molengeek

Come to our next information session where we will present you all our digital short courses.

You will have the opportunity to find the answers to all your questions and all this without any commitment.

présentation formations courtes marketing digitale

Why train in digital at Molengeek?

Molengeek is the Silicon Valley of Brussels! The cutting-edge digital ecosystem that will make a lasting impression on your resume.
Experienced coaches are at your service to teach you professional methods on essential marketing tools in just a few days.

Easy to reach, Molengeek is located in the center of Brussels and is served by a wide range of public transportation.
Molengeek has allied itself with partners of choice, including Actiris, which allows you to access short digital training courses without spending a penny thanks to the tic vouchers.

Our most popular digital short courses

Prochaines dates:

12/12 - 15/12

Prochaines dates:

19/12 - 22/12

Prochaines dates:

09/01 - 11/01

Prochaines dates:

12/12 - 14/12

Criteria required to access the short digital training courses:


Living in Brussels


No pre-requisites for beginners


Be registered with Actiris as a job seeker


Be over 18 years old

Our panel of short courses in digital

Wordpress Beginner

Entrepreneur Pack - Coding - Webmaster

Wordpress Advanced

Entrepreneur Pack - Coding - Webmaster

Social Networks

Marketing Pack - Entrepreneur - E-shop

Google Ads

Marketing Pack - E-shop



E-shop pack


Adobe Audition

Video Pack

How much does a course at Molengeek cost?

As a job seeker, Actiris allows you to benefit from TIC vouchers to be used for training.

So thanks to these Tic vouchers, the training won’t cost you a penny!

Do you have time and want to learn a new trade for the future?

Our range of long courses


Address of MolenGeek : Place de la Minoterie 10,
1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean

MolenGeek is very easy to get to and is served by a wide range of public transportation:
Train, Tram, Bus, Metro .

Yes, and it’s free. If you have already used part of your Tic vouchers, contact Actiris at 0800/35.123 to know your remaining balance.

These vouchers are available to all job seekers registered with Actiris. You can access a multitude of courses, up to the limit of your ICT voucher budget.

Yes, as much as you want, up to the limit of the Actiris ICT voucher budget. Remember to register for each training course via your Actiris advisor at 0800/35.123

No, for some trainings, like Google Analytics, it is possible to get a certification via their platform

Currently, short courses are only available to job seekers.

Yes, if you wish, it is possible to modify a course of a pack and thus personalize it.

During this event, we will present all our training courses in detail.
You will have the opportunity to ask all your questions, in order to choose the best training, adapted to your needs.